Sun 5th July

a 3 year course for our year 9 - 11 students. In year 9 basic skills will be covered and then in years 10& 11 our students will complete two pieces for Controlled Assessment which comprise 60% of the GCSE. The controlled assessment will be carried out in class-time and will be a 'design, plan, make and improve' task; students will choose from 3 titles. The theory element of the course will enable students to compete the written exam paper at the end of year 11 - worth 40% of the course.

In year 7 students will spend 13 weeks in each of the 3 technology subjects – Food Technology, Resistant Materials and Graphics.

In food technology the students will learn about healthy eating and how to plan a healthy lunch-box. The module of work is based on encouraging students to consider food choices, use a broad range of practical skills, techniques and equipment to prepare and make a range of healthy food items suitable to be included in a lunch-box. This will encourage students to plan and cook food products at school and at home, developing practical skills and confidence in the kitchen whilst learning about health and safety.

Students will be studying basic nutrition, healthy eating, sensory analysis and learning how to adapt recipes to cater for special dietary needs.

Students spend 13 weeks in Food Technology and during this time will base their studies on International themed dishes suitable for a restaurant. The 13 weeks will be split into 2 blocks of study. The first 6 weeks, foccusing on main course dishes and the remaining 7 weeks on desserts.

Breaking the unit of work into two study areas allows students a wide learning oppurtunity before selecting their GCSE options.

The year 8 module of work is based on preparing and cooking a range of main course dishes and desserts to meet a design brief. Dishes made must be economical, healthy, well balanced and suitable to be served in an International restaurant. Students will learn how to make authentic dishes whilst developing skills and confidence in preparation for GCSE Catering or future life skills.

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